5 Simple Activities To Improve Your Health

It is true: we live in an instant era. Our food is instant – or takeout at best; our entertainment is served raw on TV/PC screens; our interests are fleeting; our relationships bud and fade quickly; our jobs are often part-time, freelance or seasonal; our clothing is designed to fit short-lived fashion fads; electrical hardware and household furnishings are built to last a few years even with careful use. One may wonder, is there anything in the modern world that is made to last more than a couple of seasons? Yes, there is: health is an asset that demands continuous care, commitment and caution. If you have not been heedful of your body and its needs, now is the time to make amends – so take up one of the five activities listed below and keep your health
on the right – and lasting – track.


Running up that hill: Benefits of running and jogging

Jogging and running help build strong bones, shed weight and improve functioning of the cardiovascular system. Regular sprinting sessions will strengthen your muscles naturally and help you maintain ideal weight even with the sedentary lifestyle in the mix, but that is not all: jogging and running will also keep your blood sugar and heart rate in check while ensuring optimal lung functioning, sufficient oxygen levels and seamless exchange of matter in the body.

Pedal-powered fun: Cycling for a healthy heart

A recreational activity very popular across the globe, cycling burns tons of calories, keeps your stamina high and helps you de-stress and stay fit. Biking is essentially a low-impact exercise so it is a great pastime activity for all generations. Regular biking improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, bone density and joint mobility and prevents obesity, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, depression and even some forms of cancer. Bikes are an environmentally friendly mode of transport, so you will be doing a favor to both your body and the planet by swapping your car for a pedal-powered two-wheeler and some quality cycling gear.

Thrills on wheels: Roller-skating for proper workout

Another wheel-shod sport, roller-skating is extremely beneficial to both your mind and the body – and it is super-fun, too! People who roller-skate regularly have more flexible joints, strong leg, glute and core muscles, seamlessly functioning cardiovascular system and improved bodily coordination, agility and balance. Plus, inline skating can also do wonders for stress, anxiety and mood – you have never seen a frowning skater, have you?

Till pins go down: A rolling bowl gathers no extra weight

Though most people think bowling is a sport for couch potatoes, you will be surprised to hear that an hour of pin-tumbling burns as many as 240 calories, helping you stay in optimal shape while having a blast with your friends at the same time. On top of that, bowling also promotes strength and endurance of
upper-body muscles, protects respiratory system and keeps your heart healthy.


Dolphin in spare time: Swimming as full-body exercise

Another low-impact sport with a range of physical and mental benefits, swimming provides optimal workout for all muscle groups, helping your cardiovascular system stay strong, heart rate optimal and your weight in check. Swimming is also an excellent way to work on your muscle tone and bone density while alleviating stress, enhancing joint flexibility and improving balance and coordination.

Stop making excuses and lazing around: you may loathe the thought of working up a sweat, but the human body is simply not designed to sit in front of the PC or telly all day. In order to stay strong, youthful and healthy, you need to actually do something about your shape – be it swimming, bowling, roller-skating, cycling or jogging, regular physical activity is a must for everyone, including you. Build your health or lose it – it is not such a difficult choice to make, after all.

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