Aesthetic, health and mood benefits of swimming

Aesthetic, health and mood benefits of swimming

When swimming you work more than two thirds of the body’s muscles, he knows this and other benefits that gives this sport.

You’ve probably heard that one of the sports most complete and beneficial, is swimming, so we want to know a little more about this sport, you wear a bathing suit and you launch into the pool already!

Being an aerobic exercise helps the heart to strengthen and remove surrounding fat, pump blood to flow better and more efficiently to the body. Thus helping to maintain a stable blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Aesthetic, health and mood benefits of swimming

It helps increase cardiorespiratory endurance, swimming several muscles are worked, as those responsible for emptying the lungs breathing carbon dioxide and oxygen filled; to make them stronger is achieved that the process be done with less energy expenditure, making breathing more efficient, increasing oxygenation and reducing stress on the muscles that lead to long low respiratory rate.

The caloric expenditure is higher, because the muscles are exercised in 5-6 times more than the work on land. For example, swimming a time burn about 600 calories while walking at the same time, the burn would be 270 and 300 bicycling.

A lot of muscles are worked. More than two thirds of all muscles of the body are activated with swimming. The perfect recipe to achieve a stylized figure, lower rates of body fat, tone and strengthen.

Improves flexibility and strengthens joint tissues preventing injury. Increases the body’s resistance, lubricates the tendons and ligaments in the long run it is a guarantee for a better quality of life in the elderly, because it prevents problems tenr bones, joints and muscles, which will make you more independent and agile in the time of your life.

It is a perfect exercise to eliminate back pain, increasing its flexibility and relaxes descontractura.

It helps release endorphins that are responsible for improving mood and make people feel happy; reduces stress, it decreases symptoms of depression and helps release tension and anxiety states. To feel stronger and more skilled, you will be more sure of yourself, more confident and self-esteem.

Sport is one more chance to open your social circle with healthy people and related interests to yours, meet Probalan people who otherwise would not know or fortalcer links with people who are already close to you.

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