As the new year begins: workout for flat belly

As the new year begins workout for flat belly

Become a more disciplined woman, with a great desire to keep fit and have a flat stomach.

One of the areas where more can see that we have raised a few pounds is the abdomen, as it is here, along with arms and hips, where fats and sugars accumulate. Do not wait any longer to propose exercise and boast a flat stomach, begins the New Year with this routine testing.

To start to burn fat you need to do is aerobic exercise, which will be enough for 30 minutes of walking, running, biking or swimming. After sweating a little bit, get ready for abdominal:

Upper abdomen

Lying on the floor, bend your knees and put your heels on the floor; put your hands behind his head, trying to get up that your elbows touch your knees, keep your chin raised and looking upwards not to hurt your neck and you work really the abdomen. Do 2 reps 12.

As the new year begins workout for flat belly

Mid abdomen

Lying on the floor, bend your knees to the tips of the raised feet with your legs form an angle of 90 °, it makes the same movement as the anterior abdominal and with the same recommendations and then not have discomfort in your neck. Do 2 reps 12.

Lower abdomen

Sitting on the edge of the couch or bed, lean slightly back and up the legs to the chest and then will stretch, hold the position for a few seconds, and returns to make the move. Do 2 reps 12.

Another way to work this part of the abdomen is lying, with legs straight and toes stretched, takes up and then lower them as close to the floor without touching it, hold a few seconds and gets back legs. Do 2 reps of 12. (You can put your hands under your hips to protect some tailbone).

Side crunches

Lie on your right side, bend your legs likeness fetal position, take your neck with both hands, arise and take your left elbow toward your waist, back down and repeat 15 times. Switch sides.

You can also, standing with legs slightly apart and with two dumbbells in hand, bring the dumbbell laterally toward your knee, alternating sides.

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