Breville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine Review


The Good: When you roam through the market in search of an espresso machine, you get confused by various offers that claim for more power, better speed etc. But, when you look at Breville Infuser, you will find that it has a different approach but is quite genuine. The manufacturer has kept due consideration to deliver you the best product and best flavor in the market. This means that out of your grind you are bound to get the best flavor – the even extraction.

The Bad: The only negative aspect of this machine is that it works slowly. While you may find any other machine starting with high pressure and consume high power too, but this machine works on the principle of slow but steady winning the race.

The Bottom Line: This machine works on the low pressure and thus gently expands the coffee grinds removing all sorts of gaps, irregularities as well as cracks. When the pressure increases, the coffee puck get rightly extracted and you get the perfect flavor. The programmable feature of the Breville Infuser controls the volume of pouring, temperature and ensures precision. Additionally, bestowed with thermocoil heating, PID temperature control as well as pre-infusion technology, makes this espresso machine different from others.

Breville Infuser Espresso Machine Review

If you go into detail of the product, you will find that this machine has Thermocoil Heating System of 1660 watt and the coils are made of stainless steel. So, you can control the temperature easily. Not only this, there is also a facility of adjusting temperature of water automatically. You have the opportunity to control the volume of pour with the help of 15 bar Italian Pump. Once the cup is warmed, the excess water is removed after extraction of tour coffee.

Another, interesting thing about the machine is if you don’t use the machine for one hour it goes into “Sleep Mode” and after three hours of non-operation it automatically gets closed (Shut Off). This feature really saves power, which is one of the best things and the credit goes to the manufacturer of the machine and his thought. In the storage tray of the machine, you get the complete accessories like stainless steel jug, coffee scoop, cleaning disc or cleaning tool, single as well as double wall filter baskets, water filter etc. The storage tray can thus be accessed to keep the machine well maintained and usable throughout the day and many more days to come.

Features of Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

  • This machine has small and ergonomic footprint of about ten inches.
  • The espresso made by this machine is 5 degree hotter than those of competitors.
  • You will find it very easy is clean and the pump makes no noise at all.
  • You get the hot water instantly and hence you are able to make more drinks than an ordinary espresso machine.
  • The coffee has to be pre-ground before putting into this machine. The reason is being the machine does not have inbuilt grinder.
  • The small water tank results in instant heating, hence users need not have to wait for a long period of time to get their hot coffees served to them.

Final Verdict

If your choice is of having an espresso machine that creates the best kind of espresso and is different than others, you need to buy this machine. It is guaranteed that the type of espresso made by this machine has altogether different and best taste. You will find the same taste and joy of having an espresso as that of barista pro.

The machine is of superior quality, works faster than other machines and will be more suitable to you. Your guest and family members will be exclaimed to know that you made an espresso without any sound (because the machine is entirely calm). You will in fact have a treasure in the kitchen and you will exhibit your skills while you serve espresso to guests. Keep in mind that this machine is easily available on the stores and you will be able to find it in nearby market. If you love to stay online and place orders without going out of your home, you will receive this espresso machine at your door steps.

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