Classes box home

Classes box home

This is the second sport in number of fans nationwide, just behind soccer. Seize it!


The box is one of the most popular sports worldwide. So it is no wonder that big fights with million bags for boxers, millions of dollars in sponsorship and millions of viewers willing to hire paid for event (to enjoy a good night function) organized worldwide.

The data, at least in Mexico, confirm: according to Consulta Mitofsky seven years ago boxing was the fourth sport in number of fans nationwide. However, only a couple of years it has been positioned in second place just after soccer. Thus, from 2009 to 2014 the growth in love of this contact sport was 34% to 50% in that period.

Eye: the fact that the most popular fighters are men, does not mean that the female public remains oblivious to join the group of fans to the box. By contrast, a third of this loyal audience are women, while half of them are concentrated in the central region of the country.


The business idea is to offer boxing classes at home. With this, the first advantage is that you save the cost of having to mount a gym and is the best you can navigate to where your customers (home, office, school, public space, park, etc.) are located.

Of course, you need to invest at least $ 50,000 in basic equipment (gloves, masks, bibs, bandages, etc.) to perform the training box, which consists of fitness, teaching offensive and defensive techniques and breathing exercises, among others. All this under a system of discipline and perseverance that will allow students to live the best experience of the sport.

As you can tell, your target audience is quite wide: from children and young people looking for an entertainment option (for the purpose of the sport is not only to fight, but to provide a healthy life to people); women and professionals (with limited hours, so you get to your home will give you a huge advantage over traditional gyms); to seniors.

Therefore, advertising by word of mouth will be your best ally in your way and succeed with your business.

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