Exercise outdoors

Exercise outdoors

Warm days invite us to leave the house and have energy to exercise ourselves, what better way to do it outdoors?

Today many of our city parks are equipped with exercise equipment or with playground. Seize these areas and to implement an exercise routine to open further to keep healthy, will prevent having lost weight recover it. Calisthenics

It is very important that before starting any exercise routine, calentemos to avoid tearing the muscles and prepare the circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems.

Begin circling from the ankles to the neck, to knees, hips, trunk, elbows, wrists and shoulders. Subsequently, we can do some stretching exercises by placing legs on a bench or trunk forward bending back and sides. Invest 20 minutes of heating, it will save us a visit to the chiropractor or having to suspend the exercise by injuries.

Exercise outdoors

Harnessing nature

Marking specific points as a tree, a bench, a stone and starting with sprints and sprints, alternating slow and fast for the body to adjust to the changes of pace. We can even include actions to reach the marked point, as touching the floor or do a squat, everything depends on the imagination we have to streamline the routine.

Something that can be rewarding, is the point, exhale and let out a little scream, which will help us even to relieve stress.

Develop circuits

The playground can be helpful for this, because we can organize a circuit where we have to run, jump a bench, hands going through the pass, climb a spiderweb, make balance in a fence and reach our goal. In addition to remember our childhood, cardiovascular exercise will be just as intense as in a gym.

Exercise outdoors

Toning exercises

Placing your feet under a bench, we can begin series of sit-ups to strengthen the abdomen. Similarly, we can get two trunks or water bottles and lying with his back on the grass, exercises arms and chest and lowering them by uploading them at intervals of 15 repetitions, until we can complete 60.

Jump the rope

Super exercise in addition to improving our heartbeat, we will have strong legs and improve reflexes. 15 minutes jumps sufficient to see results soon.


You run surrounded by nature, breathing the air purified by trees and admire the scenery, it can be most comforting to continue day after day. We can start walking half an hour and once the body has been accustomed to spend trotting and later in the race. If we pay attention to sounds, we discover birds, people and some other animals that live there.

No excuse to do exercise, the park may be the perfect gym to exercise ourselves, it is free and you can instill this good habit to your kids, take the dog and do this routine family. A little play, exercise and family life, what else?

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