Exercises to prevent back pain

Exercises to prevent back pain

The back pain or back pain is a problem that affects 80% of the world population. High figure not? The truth is, yes, but sadly is real. Most people at some point in their life have back pain problems. In fact 10% of sick leave is due to this condition.

Although in some cases the back pain is temporary, that a few days of rest is solved, in others there is already an underlying disease that triggers a chronic low back pain.

The causes of back pain are as varied. From poor posture, lifting improperly, herniated discs, spinal deformities, osteoporosis, sprains, … etc. What is clear is that once the pain begins, it is difficult to remedy. For this reason I suggest you try to change some unhealthy habits and begin to prevent this problem. How to do it? Easy, you can start by sitting correctly.

If you spend many hours in front of a desk or doing any kind of work in a poor posture, in the end you will pay dearly … Avoid heavy lifting and when you do, it adopts a stance which does not fall all the weight on your poor back. If you make an extra effort you can end up with a herniated disc. I have seen many cases and causes great pain.

Try to exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominal muscles, they also help us to strengthen and protect our lower back. Last but not least, stretching helps prevent several diseases that can cause back pain.

So if you spend a few minutes each day to stretch and you consider the above recommendations will be greatly diminishing the chances of getting this problem as disabling. Here is a video that lasts only four minutes and where you learn to make five very beneficial stretching exercises for your back.

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