Express beauty center

Express beauty center

You need a minimum shop of 25 m2, that has a counter, four workstations, bathroom and cellar.


It is a fact: Mexican always like to look good. And the numbers confirm it: in health and beauty industry more than 80,000 companies that collectively add up monthly sales of $ 1.200 billion, according to the Mexican Chamber of Physical Beautification Industry (Camief) involved.

In addition, the utility they get these businesses is 50%, on average, already discounting direct and indirect costs.

On the other hand, the hectic life of large cities today, is often reflected in the lack of time to meet basic needs. Among them we must have grooming, especially if we consider the numbers above.

Hence the opportunity for the creation of specialized services that offer an effective solution to women by providing added values such as speed, convenience and value. This includes everything from the classic manicure and pedicure; up makeup or hair care.


The business model is to express beauty center specializing in hair services: washing, drying, combing, straightening, treatments, etc.

Eye: prices must be accessible to the public, with the aim of consumption recurrences (ideally daily). That is, that is not just for special occasions. Thus, clients will always have a good excuse to go to this place without remorse to represent them at great expense within your budget.

Therefore, you need a minimum shop of 25 square meters, that has a counter, four workstations, bathroom and cellar (input and consumables). You can start with an investment of $ 150,000 (by way of conditioning the place) and apply for credit in the major brands (shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, dyes, etc.) to have a good stock.

Place yourself in residential, corporate or near universities to reach a large female audience. Battle your way in the market with the distribution of promotional flyers and offers special discounts for groups of friends and eventually provides the service at home.

Another recommendation is to expand your portfolio with complementary services beauty that can become recurrent massage, waxing and nails.

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