Fitness circuit

Fitness circuit

In this model simply routine to cover more than 30 minutes with each of the exercise stations.


According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (applied to over 18 cities in 32 countries), the total population physically inactive, 38.7% men and 61.3% women. Referencing the old men who do sport or exercise reported the highest proportion in the group of 55 and older, with 61.2%. In the case of women, it is located in the group of 25-34 years with 71.4%.

Following this study, we find that the 38.2% who said they practiced sport in your life ever said the three main reasons for his defection: lack of time (54.4%); health problems (17.8%); and fatigue from work (16%).

Therefore, the opportunity to undertake is to offer a service gym whose value added is to maximize the time you spend the user, who in many cases must divide their time between other activities.


The concept of this gym is based on the circuit, which provides an efficient way to improve both muscular endurance and cardiovascular system alternative. It is also ideal for men and women looking for innovative ways to exercise, lose or maintain your weight, or mark the body options. It is also ideal as wholesome entertainment.

The best thing about this model is that just a routine of up to 30 minutes to cover each of the exercise stations, which include: spinning, weights and exercise equipment for abs, arms, chest and leg extension.

In terms of infrastructure and initial investment, you need approximately $ 400,000 to put up a local of 150 square meters (located near residential areas and offices), purchased eight hydraulic machines, audio and video, and scales. Do not forget your core staff, two professional instructors, a nutritionist, a receptionist, cleaning people and a manager (which could be you).

To get customers, the advice is to establish agreements with companies to offer special discounts to their employees. The rest will publish the free-of-mouth, and promotion through Internet and social networks.

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