For a healthy life is important stretch …

For a healthy life is important stretch ...

Knows the importance of warm up and stretch your muscles and joints before and after falls squarely exercising.

Doing exercise is not just hop on the treadmill, go with the rhythm of zumba or wear the uniform and get on the court, before we get to that you have to prepare your muscles and joints to prevent injuries of any kind.

The best way to prepare the body is warming up before any physical activity. Begins trotting at least 5 minutes or doing other movements effortlessly you plan to make. As Yogi step: raising the knees to the chest while trotas slightly upward in the same way so that your heels touch your buttocks, trotting sideways and back.

For a healthy life is important stretch ...

After these exercises your muscles are ready to stretch a little: starts with the head. Make movements from side to side: the ears leads to the corresponding shoulder, then his chin to each shoulder (as if to say “no”) and finally to heaven chin and chest (like saying “if”), doing several repetitions of each one gentle movements and avoiding moving the rest of the body. He continues shoulders, circling forward and then backward; open your arms in a cross and make large circles and side.

With the waist make circles with your whole torso in both directions; place your hands above your knees as you bend your knees and gently estrilas. Finally draws circles in both directions with the balls of your feet in the air to lubricate ankles.

Just as it is important to warm up before you jump right to exercise: swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, zumba or weights, is also essential to stretch your muscles and joints to relax back to your normal state, once you end your routine to find balance your body needs and run perfectly after all the effort.

The right way to stretch is: neck exercises are the same as during heating; Place your arms glued to your chest and with his right hand pulls slightly left arm from the elbow, switch sides; take your arm behind your neck, pull the elbow with the opposite hand as far as you can and be pleasant, repeat with the other arm; standing with legs slightly open, crouch and bring your hands to your feet, will stretch across your back; Now spread your legs and repeat the previous movement; then takes two hands to the right and then the left foot; turn your torso to the right, supports your hands in the right thigh and let your left leg stretched, with the tip of his left foot on the floor, but now repeated on the opposite side; Take your foot and pull gently so that your heel touches your gluteus, do the same for both feet.

For all the exercises you should count up to 8 and then change.

Remember to prepare your muscles recover before and after exercise to protect, lubricate and help your body to have more flexibility and mobility.

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