For strong and beautiful buttocks must exercise

For strong and beautiful buttocks must exercise

Achieve a perfect butt has more benefits than you can imagine for your health, met the challenge with these tricks.

One area of the body that requires more effort to be machined and buttocks are standing firm because it is covered with natural fat muscles that require permanent physical work to stay in place.

Buttocks daily work will help not only aesthetically and avoid the appearance of cellulite and sagging. These muscles have the function to maintain posture, prevent back problems and if you keep firm you reduce the possibility of the pelvic bone deviates forward giving your belly bulging appearance permanently.

Another advantage is that exercises to strengthen this area require a great cardiovascular effort, so you burn calories and you favor circulation throughout your body.

For strong and beautiful buttocks must exercise

These exercises will help you maintain or regain the firmness of your buttocks:

Squats: Stand with your back straight and your feet separated to align with the shoulders, bring your hands to the head and bend your knees until they form an angle of 90 degrees, that is, as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair. Start doing 30 sit ups a day and as you get used to increase the amount.

Elevations: Put four points on the floor, with knees apart and aligned with the shoulders, then raise one leg back as if will try to kick the ceiling, move the column. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions and it is possible if you use a dumbbell ankle half kilo to increase the effort.

Bicycle: 20 minutes every other day on the stationary bike or running through your favorite park, strengthen your legs and if you do raising buttocks while pedaling effort will fall on that muscle. Alternatively, take spinning classes twice a week, but it is important that you do it with the help of a certified instructor, as the impact of this type of exercise on your knees can be severe if you do it without the necessary care.

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