Getting Live In Care Requires Shared Responsibility

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The main reason why you have decided to hire a live in care nurse might be because you want to be freed up from the responsibility of taking care of a beloved senior. At the same time, you don’t want to be away from your loved one. Hence, a retirement home is not an option.

If you can afford to hire a live in care nurse, you will get the best assistance. They can provide medical assistance to the patient and will be there all the time just in case there is a medical emergency. They can also serve as a companion to the patient. They can do trips together and even socialise with other people their age.

Sharing responsibility

You can now have your own life. You can attend to everything that your kids need, or focus on work. Having a live in care nurse is such a huge help. However, it does not mean you can just do whatever you want. There is nothing wrong in hiring a nurse to work at home, but you should still pull your weight.

These nurses provide assistance, but you should still continue doing your share. Don’t entrust everything to the person you have hired to do the job. Besides, you don’t want your loved one to think that you no longer care. If this person is nearing their last days, you want to be there. You should be someone who does everything possible to provide help. You should also think of all the times that you were taken care of when you were younger. It is your chance to return the love.

Preparing the rooms

Before your nurse arrives, make sure that everything is prepared. There should be a room for the nurse, which serves as a personal space. The patient won’t require help 24/7. Besides, the nurse also needs to rest. The patient must also have a space so that proper medical attention can be given.

If the patient has other medical concerns, you need to prepare an orientation right from the start. Tell everything to the nurse, including any attitude or behavioural problems of the patient. There are live in care nurses who can also take care of other tasks aside from just caring for the patient. Their duties should be clear right from the start. You can’t just ask them to do a job they have not agreed to prior to deployment.

Getting elderly home care is probably the best choice as it frees up a lot of your time, but you should still do your share. You still need to look after the needs of your loved one and be there right until the very end.

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