How Electromagnetic Radiation Affects Your Body

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation comes from sources all around us, in the home, the office, the street, and even schools and hospitals. It is a little-known danger that is becoming more prominent, thanks to a greater number of research studies taking place into the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body. Scientists now know that electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, can cause significant harm to the body, and may be bad for your health.

Electromagnetic radiation comes from devices that use or generate electricity. The electric current produces an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field may interact with the electrical impulses inside the body, causing health problems. Here are some of the ways EMFs are believed to affect human health.

Changes in Protein Levels in the Skin

Studies have shown that the skin experiences stress after being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. In one study, volunteers experienced waves of electromagnetic radiation applied to the skin and researchers measured the effects of the radiation on protein levels in the skin. The scientists found that two proteins were significantly affected.

Changes in Brain Cells

When an electromagnetic field is generated next to the head, some cells in the brain next to where the EMF is produced become more excited and active. Other brain cells become slower and less active. This can cause consequences since cell phones are often used next to the head. It is recommended that you use cell phone radiation protection if you regularly use a cell phone close to your ear.

Damage to DNA

After exposure to the frequencies from cell phones, brain cells demonstrated increased breakage in their DNA. These breaks in the DNA are not always able to be repaired by the cells, and the damage is carried onto future cell generation, which could predispose the cells to turning into cancerous cells.

Damage to Brain Cells

One recent study showed that cell phone frequencies next to the head could destroy neurons in the cortex, basal ganglia, and hippocampus.

Growth in Leukaemia Cells

In a test tube study, leukaemia cells that were exposed to the frequencies of cell phones began to replicate themselves more aggressively, growing at a faster rate than “normal” cells.

Increase in Blood Pressure

And in one study from Germany, using a cell phone for just 35 minutes increased resting blood pressure by 5 to 10mm Hg. It is not certain whether using a cell phone for longer periods of time will result in a greater or similar rise in blood pressure. As with other areas of health concern regarding electromagnetic frequencies, further research is needed in order to demonstrate secure links between the health condition and the amount of exposure.


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