How to better absorb iron from food?

How to better absorb iron from food

Without iron we could not live. Just simple. This mineral is essential for our body and if you have ever had anemia, will know very well. You will have to take a commanding iron pills with a distinctive flavor rusty, nails hard to forget.

Under normal conditions it is our intestine that regulates the absorption of iron. However, there are some foods that can interfere with the absorption process, or otherwise facilitate it.

Now if you are a person who like to eat a good steak, I do not think you have problems of lack of iron. And this because I know? Because heme iron, so called iron found in meat, is absorbed well by the body. So a balanced diet, where no shortage of food of animal origin, should be enough to be more than enough iron.

Now, the problem I have when your diet is low in meat. For example if you are vegetarian or vegan. There must be more cunning and play with the combinations of food, to extract the most out of products rich in iron.

Some of the more iron-rich foods are: liver, kidneys, red meat, clams, oysters, turkey, tuna, salmon, egg yolks, legumes, nuts, fortified cereals and whole grains as I said earlier, who regularly eat red meat, seafood or offal (liver, kidneys.. etc.), or fatty fish, theoretically not in danger of developing iron deficiency anemia (iron deficiency anemia).

How to better absorb iron from food 1

Now it is when I show you some tricks of power, where you can combine iron rich foods with those foods that facilitate the absorption of iron and non-heme on the contrary, avoid foods that hinder its absorption.

How to better absorb iron from vegetables?

One of the nutrients better we going to absorb iron from vegetables is vitamin C. It is important to get rich in this nutrient (oranges, lemons, kiwi, strawberries, etc.) foods.

Add vinegar to legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans), it is another way to acidify the medium to improve the bioavailability of non-heme iron.

There are different factors that inhibit iron absorption. For example the alkaline foods . Milk is a good example because it neutralizes the acid secreted in the stomach. One tip is that you avoid dairy when you are eating iron-rich foods.

The fostatos (dairy, soy, etc.) and oxalates (spinach, beets, chard, etc.) are substances that also hinder iron absorption.

With the tannins passes more of the same. Inhibit iron absorption.

So when you eat a plate of lentils, do not associate with a glass of wine or eat after waiting a few minutes for tea or coffee. These three drinks are rich in tannins.

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