How to Get to Your Goal Weight Before Your Wedding


Perhaps the most important day of a person’s life, there is no other time more special than a wedding. Every bride and groom wants the day to be absolutely seamless, from start to finish. This includes looking great on the big day. There is only so much that the perfect dress and accessories, and makeup and hair stylists can do. If a bride (or groom!) wants to lose weight before the wedding to look their best, they need to start planning well in advance, but the preparations are quite simple.

Drink Water and Eliminate Soda and Alcohol

When someone suddenly goes on a diet, they have a tendency to stock up on diet soda. Leave these on the grocery store shelves and start drinking more water. Not only does water fill you up so you don’t overeat during meals, it also keeps your body healthy. A filtered water pitcher or bottle is a great idea to jump-start this task. Also, limit alcohol intake. Any type of alcohol is filled with empty calories, not to mention the toll drinking takes on your body.

Eat Breakfast

Even if you’re only able to get in a small, but healthy snack in the morning, eating breakfast gets your metabolism going. Skipping meals actually keeps the pounds on. Ideally, you should be eating four to six small meals a day, but breakfast, lunch, and dinner is completely necessary. Skipping breakfast also makes you more hungry, giving you the likelihood of overindulging during lunch or dinner.

Track Your Intake

Tracking your food intake is a great idea for any type of diet, but if you’re trying to lose weight prior to a wedding, it’s a must. This means tracking absolutely everything you eat and drink, from a late-night snack to happy hour. After you’ve done this for a week or two, you’ll have a much better idea of the foods you need to eliminate. This also may be a good time to consult with a dietician to really get your nutrition and diet goals in check.


Just as important as diet, weight simply doesn’t come off without activity and exercise. Join a gym, if possible. If you don’t have time to work out at the gym several times a week, it’s imperative that you find time to get active. Try getting up a half-hour earlier several mornings and going for a brisk walk or run. Go hiking on the weekends. Take an after-dinner walk. Make exercise a priority.

Everything requires great planning as you’re putting your dream wedding together. Whether you’re searching for great deals at, need to jump start a weight loss plan, or are saving up for hat costly honeymoon, all of these things will take ample time and energy. When it comes to losing weight, simply plan up to a year in advance of your wedding, and take your time. Don’t try fad diets or skipping meals to get the pounds off. Be patient, and watch the pounds fly off as you prepare for the big day.

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