Operation bikini yes, but in a healthy way

Operation bikini yes, but in a healthy way

The bikini operation is a dizzying career starting a few months before the arrival of summer. It is for this time of year we seek Card gym, to remove accumulated dust, and draw from that dark corner of the closet sportswear.

In April, many of us try to cram our meat in the summer clothes from previous years, but after several unsuccessful and desperate attempts we realize it’s time to start the “operation bikini”.

Today I will try to show some of the key points so that you achieve weight loss in a healthy way and give you some tips so you can recognize dangerous thinning methods for your health.

How to know if a method of thinning is dangerous for my health?

If we look on the internet “Operation Bikini” find countless pages that we propose different methods to lose weight. Some of them offer reliable and quality information that can benefit us, however, they try to sell other products, magnifying their benefits and underestimating their undesirable effects or promote certain ” miracle diets “that are dangerous to our health and certainly guarantee a rebound effect .

Now, how to discern between each other? It’s pretty simple. Just ask yourself the following questions when you read the page content.

  • Do you promise quick results within days or weeks?
    does it prohibit eating certain foods?
  • Do you ensure weight loss without effort, without dieting or exercise?
  • Do I need to buy a miracle product that does it all?
  • Do I need to buy a book for diet?
  • Do you claim that anyone can follow the method of thinning?
  • Do you ensure that different celebrities have made such diets?

If when you read the contents of these pages, the questions you have asked are answered … suspicious !!

How I can lose weight in a healthy way?

Patience will be one of your best allies . If you want to lose weight and not to recover those kilos that have joined uninvited, you should be aware that the loss must be slow and progressive Nutritionists recommend losing no more of 500-600g per week .

Seen this way may be little, but thinks that in four months, which is not much, if you lose an average of 500g a week, lost open after those four months about 8kg in weight. Not too shabby right?

Avoid products and miracle diets: Magic tricks are just that … tricks. With miracle diets is the same. They are just ways to deceive consumers into believing that consuming product or performing x x diet, may lose many kilos quickly and effortlessly.

Remember, your body needs time to adapt, both for weight loss and to define your figure. If you do not respect inevitably will recover the lost weight.

Nothing is accomplished in life without effort. Losing weight is no exception.

Look achievable goals: It is good to have goals, but also be aware of what we can and what we can not achieve. If we set very high goals, we lose motivation to not get the desired results.

Over time our body changes, so consider 40 years to be back as at 20, it is almost a losing battle. If you do, write a book and secure you forras! But it makes sense to look for short-term goals.

For example, lose the love handles or lower belly. Do not try to make chocolate bar first, if you do an abdominal since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand: If the sport you have done in recent months is getting up from the couch to catch the TV remote, do not start a routine of exercises own an Olympic athlete. Shoelaces will last until the end of time.

It is important that exercise be moderate and consistent with your previous fitness. Then you’ll be increasing the intensity as you gain endurance and strength. This way you will avoid unnecessary injuries.

To lose weight the aerobics are continuing to give you better results. If you want to gain strength and develop your muscles, you can do anaerobic exercise or interval training, where you combine resistance training with strength and speed.

Today is the best day to start: Do not put off more than you should have started doing a long time ago. The best day to start caring is here and now. Otherwise it will be late. It reminds summer approaches.. !!

Water is life: You should not do physical exercise without being properly hydrated. Proper hydration improves athletic performance and helps eliminate toxins. After training is suitable besides water, drinking fresh juices to replenish minerals lost during physical activity.

Search allies: Doing things alone sometimes costs us more. If that’s the case, try your partner, friends or family to join in a common goal. Sport is more fun in the company and is also easier to eat healthily if everyone does at home.

Eliminating carbohydrates from the diet is wrongIt is true that in order to reduce your weight, you may still need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume. But remove them from your diet is a serious error. Without them fatigue will be present in your day to day, as are your main source of energy.

If you are someone who intends to increase muscle volume, can already puffing protein, if you do not consume carbohydrates, not good really results.

Do not make radical changes: Your body is used to a certain number of daily calories.

If you blow the fold that will bill stab.

From one day to another, you can not eat just lettuce and tomato salad. That is not viable.

Seek professional advice: A nutritionist can provide you with a personalized diet adapted to your real needs.

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