Tips to maximize the vitamins your kids receive in their regular meals


Kids today get more food than they can possibly eat. In the US, child obesity rates are increasing at an alarming rate, and the fault belongs mostly to the parents. Most foodstuffs available in the marketplace are unhealthy, over-processed and packed with bad carbohydrates and fat. Recent research tells us that young kids are eating a lot but their bodies… Read more »

Recumbent Bike Accessories That Boosts Your Fitness

Recumbent Bike Accessories

Some machines are gym based whilst some can be ridden on roads. They are the ideal workout machine if you don’t want to cycle outside. These bikes perform the same function as the traditional cycle does and also give a little extra options such as ascent, descent, fat burn, cardio workout are some of the standard functions found in many… Read more »

Dieting for weight loss and healthy lifestyle?

In a world full of pressure around the body and the physical image of the people, it is to understand that many are interested in losing weight rather than its objective to follow is for the health, and this can influence the method we use to achieve the goals as well as their results. If I choose a form of… Read more »

Some risks obsessed by healthy living

TV shows, Internet, blogs, health video… are some of the products that we usually find and focus on the world of health and give advice to all his followers. We are one of the sites that are constantly praising the benefits of different types of foods and substances. Yet it is important that we are clear that it is true… Read more »

What a New Year gift – boost the energy of your dear ones with these supplements!


Scientists argue that certain supplements may decrease death rates among people who suffer from heart conditions. Coenzyme Q10 for example, may help reduce hospital admissions, according to a new study. Apparently, this vitamin-like supplement has the power to save the lives of those suffering from heart failing conditions. What’s truly groundbreaking is that the coenzyme can be bought from health… Read more »

Water yoga center

Water yoga center

The interest men and women to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit is constantly growing. Why? Within the industry of wellness, yoga centers have been positioned as one of the business segments with higher growth projections. This is due to the growing interest of women and men to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit. In addition,… Read more »

10 Tips on Healthy and Balanced Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

vegan diet

The arguments have raged on for many years as to whether a vegetarian or vegan diet is healthier than a meat eating diet. At the end of the day it is a personal choice as to which diet and lifestyle you choose to commit to. A vegetarian will choose to eat no meat, whilst a vegan will choose to consume… Read more »

5 Simple Activities To Improve Your Health


It is true: we live in an instant era. Our food is instant – or takeout at best; our entertainment is served raw on TV/PC screens; our interests are fleeting; our relationships bud and fade quickly; our jobs are often part-time, freelance or seasonal; our clothing is designed to fit short-lived fashion fads; electrical hardware and household furnishings are built… Read more »

Problem areas, key exercises

Problem areas, key exercises

Forget flabby arms, wide hips and swollen abdomen, doing these exercises to tone and not let those areas become a problem. There are some areas of your body where they end fats and sugars, as they are under the arms (triceps), abdomen and hips. Prevents these parts flabby look through a balanced diet and doing exercise daily. Run or walk… Read more »