Positions and yoga postures to do at home

Positions and yoga postures to do at home

No need to leave home to practice yoga, you just have to know these 37 yoga postures to achieve balance between body and mind.

Among the benefits that yoga gives you are knowing your body, strengthen muscles and bones, be more flexible, delay aging, oxygenating, reduce stress, concentrate better, control your emotions and think positive thoughts.

Do not make the excuse that “you have a lot of work, very late and salts not have time to go to yoga,” because you can do it at home. These positions will help you enter the world of yoga, remember to wear comfortable clothing and a yoga mat 4mm minimum.

Lie face down, place your palms on the floor at chest height.

Positions and yoga postures to do at home

Get up without hands off the ground without exceeding your shoulders.

Separate legs hip width, supports the toes, push your pelvis as far away from your hands, straighten the knees, and finally dropped his head.

Tip: You can start recharging your heels on the edge of the wall, and after practice and have the flexibility to do it without that support.

First it performs Tadasana or mountain pose, which consists of stand with feet together, shoulders relaxed, arms at your sides, chin and eyes to the front.

Bend your right knee and place your right heel on the top of the left thigh with the foot pressing the inner thigh and fingers pointing toward the floor.

Lift your arms, joining hands forming an arrow.

Tip: To help you keep your foot on top of the inner thigh, put a ribbon around your ankle and hold it with the right hand.

Sit on the floor with legs extended, cross the right leg over the left, putting the heel on the floor and knee pointing toward the ceiling.

Bend the left leg and put his foot under your buttocks.
Put the left elbow on the outside of the right knee and right hand on the floor behind your back.

Twist your torso to the right so as you can, moving the abdomen. Hold the pose for a minute and then switch sides.

Tip: Start by bending the left leg and put the foot carca as your buttocks, after practicing several times have the strength to bear your weight.

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