Premature aging of the skin

Premature aging of the skin

Premature skin aging is mainly due to sun exposure, although to a lesser extent, other factors that directly affect this phenomenon such as the consumption of snuff and alcohol, stress, excessive exercise, environmental pollution, poor diet … etc.

The good news as you can see, is that all factors are modifiable, so we depend on our skin and our health mainly, lasts longer in good condition.

In today’s society we consider tanned skin a seductive attribute. This sun worship leading fashion over 30 years and is starting to show its ravages, and young people who abused the sun, are paying the price today of having a skin with more defects than average for age (spots, loss of elasticity, deep wrinkles, tumors … etc.).

They are experiencing photoaging, which nobody is exempt if exposed to the sun continuously without taking protective measures.

What causes skin tan? Tan is a defense mechanism of the body. The UVA rays from the sun penetrate the lower layers of the skin where they stimulate cells called melanocytes to produce melanin, the brown pigment that causes the tan.

Unfortunately, the consequences of overexposure to sun do not surface immediately and not until many years gone by, when reverse it becomes impossible. The only current solution is to undergo surgery and that means taking some risks and not be sure of improving our image. Therefore, the easiest solution is to protect us from the sun’s rays from an early age.

With this I am not saying that we should stop sunbathing. Exposure to sunlight with the intensity and adequate time has a beneficial effect on our body, as such promotes the synthesis of vitamin D, primarily responsible for the absorption of calcium, strengthen our bones and preventing diseases such as osteoporosis .

So … what we must do to enjoy the benefits of the sun safely?

To enjoy the sun safely using sunscreens have to be an indispensable ally when we plan to spend a day at the beach, take a walk outdoors in hours of intense heat, work long hours in the sun … etc. Also we should not forget to use protective barriers such as hats, sunglasses and light clothing and light colors.

There are skin types and sun protection factor (SPF) best suited for each:

Type 1: They are clear like the eyes hair people may have freckles and her skin is very white. “Always burn and never tan.” They are extremely sensitive and require maximum protection. If your skin is so, it is recommended that you use sun protection factor of 30 or more. Sun exposure should not be too long and is not recommended to try to tan.

Type 2: They have very fair skin, blue eyes or brown, blonde or red hair, burns easily, tans minimally and is sensitive skin. SPF 30 or higher recommended during sun exposure and tanning if they want 12 or more, once the skin begins to tan can spend less protection to, for example, FPS seven.

Type 3: They burn moderately, with gradual or light tan. It is advisable to use SPF 15 or more and gradually lowering the factor if you want to tan.

Type 4: rarely burn and in general can get a good tan. These people have a fair skin tone, lightly pigmented. They can take the sun with SPF 12 or more broceador the early days and then down to lower protections.

Type 5 and 6: This type of skin does not burn easily and tan. Brunettes are black or brown skin. Due to the intensification of filtration ultraviolet radiation by decreasing the ozone layer should use sunscreens with moderate protection, SPF 7.

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