Problem areas, key exercises

Problem areas, key exercises

Forget flabby arms, wide hips and swollen abdomen, doing these exercises to tone and not let those areas become a problem.

There are some areas of your body where they end fats and sugars, as they are under the arms (triceps), abdomen and hips. Prevents these parts flabby look through a balanced diet and doing exercise daily. Run or walk for 30 minutes is the ideal way to burn fat during the first 15 minutes of exercise your blood sugar is low, but when dealing with specific areas you need to add to your exercise routine located.

Perfect arms


Sit on a bench, put the palms of your hands on the edge next to your hips. Stretch your legs, resting the heels on the floor, lift your body so that your buttocks touch the edge of the bench and hold arms outstretched. Then slowly bend your elbows, making your body down to the ground, get up to the starting position. Do 3 repetitions 10.

Problem areas, key exercises


Sitting up straight and legs slightly open, take a dumbbell with both hands, bend your elbows and place the dumbbell behind your head. Unopened elbows carries the weight above your head and bend your elbows back. Do 3 repetitions of 15.

Enviable Abdomen


This routine will help you burn belly fat and be working several areas. Lie on the floor, bend your knees, put your hands on your neck and carries the upper part of your body up, do 10, then steadily rise the heels so that it is a square, with hands behind his head bears closed elbows to your knees, do another 10 in this way. Again without stopping, extend your legs to 90 degrees, try to touch the toes with your hands, perform 10 sit-ups.

Without taking rest, bend your knees and do another 10, and finally the ankles on the floor do the last 10 abs. The joke of this exercise is to have continuity, so if you can not stand to do 10 repetitions on each module, start with 5.

Forget chaps

Those ‘thick’ formed beside hips are commonly called chaps, and to eliminate or appear not to let lie down on the floor on the right side with legs outstretched, supports the right elbow and place the left hand on the floor in front of your abdomen. Then come up with the tip stretched left leg, do 20 reps and switch legs.

Another exercise that will help: sitting, he tours a league and get into the holes your ankles. Throw your legs out, legs apart, with your toes touching the floor. Do 3 repetitions of 15.

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