Recommended exercises to eliminate double chin

Recommended exercises to eliminate double chin

Find out what exercises you can do to follow looking beautiful and young, and without that anti aesthetic chin.

As you work the muscles in your body to strengthen them, make them stronger and keep them in good condition, as you do with the more than 30 muscles in your face, those that you use to speak, gesture, breathing, seeing or chew.

Apart from the cheekbones, other areas of your face that can show more sagging and excess fat is the part between the jaw and neck, to what is commonly called a double chin. Having it is not nice, because you can look big face, with obesity (but not the galleys) and is a factor that is detrimental to your beauty, do not let this happen, best exercises that area, prevents their appearance and if you already have, make it go away.

Recommended exercises to eliminate double chin

Exercise 1.

Close your mouth, lips upward as if you were to touch your nose, then smiles sharply, continuing his mouth shut, as if you will take the corners of the mouth to your ears. Repeated 10 times.

Exercise 2.

Get right with outstretched necks, tongue trace imaginary circles on the palate to sense clockwise, you feel like the bag of skin under the jaw moves. Repeat 10 times 2 times daily.

Exercise 3.

In this we can draw iguana, have you seen the movement of iguanas? That is what you will imitate, Achieve It tensing the muscles of the jaw, the tongue pushes down, without a word, like when you swallow something, you will notice that the area is inflated. Do 10 repetitions in the morning and 10 at night.

Exercise 4.

Article exaggerated vowels, opening his mouth; You can be with or without sound. Also repeated 10 times.

Exercise 5.

Sit up straight and make a move with the neck, bringing the chin back and forth without moving anything more than your body; then turn your neck to the right and left, keeping the tip of the tongue on the palate. Repeat 20 times each movement.

Besides these exercises to avoid double chin, you should have good posture whenever you walk and when you’re sitting. If you work with a computer, make sure that your monitor screen is at eye level so you do not have to bend over or lift the face.

Use a thin pillow to sleep, because if you use a thick well make snoring, can cause the skin to stretch that area more. Cream applied twice a day to hydrate the skin and drink enough water. Finally avoid the ups and downs of weight for the skin of your neck will not hang up.

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