Strengthens the immune system with exercise

Strengthens the immune system with exercise

Health is the source of happiness, so it is very important to protect our immune system, not only in the cold season, but all year.

The immune system is the natural defense mechanism of the body to the agencies and Infectious substances which cause disease. It is a complex network of organs, tissues, cells and proteins that work together to protect the body from infectious organisms: virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi found in air, food, fur, fluids and blood.

If you have a strong immune system, we can fight or heal more quickly and easily from a simple cold to more serious disorders.

To keep our system strong immune, it is advisable to exercise. Physical activity may help by flushing bacteria from the lungs, thereby reducing the chance of a cold, flu or other airborne illness, besides being able to eliminate cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) by increasing the elimination of products waste, such as urine and sweat.

Strengthens the immune system with exercise

Besides accelerating sending white blood cells through the body, allowing the early detection of disease. As is the case when we have a fever, the body temperature exercise is increased, allowing it to combat infection as a high temperature prevents bacterial growth; also decreases the release of stress-related hormones, this being an important factor generating diseases.

Studies have shown that evidence gives better results that exceeded occasionally. Especially if you are starting from scratch. In the case of adult women and men between 18 and 64, it is recommended to switch routines aerobic exercise and strength training for at least an hour a day.

  • Bicycling with the children a few times a week
  • Daily walks
  • Running or jogging
  • Go to the gym
  • Swimming

In addition to these exercises, we can strengthen the thymus gland, which is responsible for operating the immune response of our body efficiently and it is in the center of the chest behind the breastbone. To exercise it, we can give a gentle circular massage, hand outstretched; then with his fingertips together, mild taps for a few seconds are given.

Once “wakes up” the thymus galndula proceed to stretch your arms straight ahead, with clenched fists and shoulder height, inhaled while elbows are carried back to back, hold your breath for three seconds and exhale arms back to the first position. These exercises must be done in 5 to 15 minutes in complete calm.

As additional care, it is also advisable to follow the following tips:

  • Avoid infections, trying not to establish close contacts with people who have a contagious disease.
  • Control stress levels and sleep well and try to ensure that our hours of sleep are at least eight reaching deep sleep.
  • Caring for body weight, which keep our blood pressure stable and the risk of medical complications from obesity.
  • Include in the daily diet: strawberries, blackberries, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, green tea, red grapes, beans, soybeans, cabbage, walnuts, almonds and white meat.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of plain water a day.

Remember that if we’re good, are better those around us.

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