The benefits of walking every day

The benefits of walking every day

It is scientifically proven that those who practice walking as exercise performs better at work, less depression, enhance physical fitness and above all, they become happier. So, walking has been said!

It may seem very simple, however, several studies attest to walk a few minutes a day can significantly improve the health, fitness and even the mind, so why are you still sitting there?

Perhaps this list of the benefits of walking contribution to your life and help you make the decision to stand up and start now:

It provides a stroke

Walk two hours a week, 120 minutes divided by 7 days, which gives us 18 minutes daily, contributes to the risk of stroke is reduced by 30%.

Improves memory

The area of the brain associated with memory and planning fortify if we walk 40 minutes 3 times a week.

Good mood

Do 30 minutes daily to reduce by 36% the symptoms associated with depression.

Goodbye to diabetes

3,500 steps a day, carried out with a steady pace, move away from our lives to the dreaded diabetes.

More candles on the cake

Those who manage to walk daily for 75 minutes, will be adding at least two years to his life story.

Strong heart

Say goodbye to heart disease walk 30 to 60 minutes per day.

Strong Bones

Walking an hour a day strengthens bones reducing by 43% the risk of hip fractures.

Prevents obesity

The lower risk of obesity by 50% in people who walk an hour a day.

To start walking, all you need is a pair of sneakers (if they are specifically for this activity, much better), comfortable clothes and especially the desire to feel, see and be better.

Where to go

Whether on the street, a park, or in the field, walking outdoors is a great choice for those who love nature and who enjoy seeing what’s around. However, for those without much time or do at night or the weather it is not appropriate, the treadmill can be an alternative that also measure the heart rate and calorie burn.

There is no excuse not to perform this exercise.

The best company for walking: your dog

You’ll have to teach him to follow the step and at first perhaps because they stop you will stop to smell and relieve himself.

However, it is a matter of patience and training. The suggestion is to always wear your belt so you know who’s in charge and before starting the walk let him sniff and explore for a few minutes. Then do not stop and show that this tour is only for walking, walking and walking.

A good routine 25 minutes

Joints Heat for 5 minutes, then set a starting point and begin to walk straight for ten minutes at the highest possible speed. After this time, turn around, notice how far we have come and return to the starting point of slowing down. The challenge is that every time we walk faster and reach further. You can keep a record of distance in order to recognize the achievements as we receive.

Walking is therefore one of the best ways to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body. We are sure that after reading this article come out running to get the court and then … A walk!

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