The most satisfying natural foods

The most satisfying natural foods

One of the main factors that makes us abandon a diet is hunger.

It’s awful to spend the day thinking about eating and not power, feel that all foods that have ingested have not satisfied us, they left us wanting more and that’s why we ended up yielding to the temptations, being subsequently killed and remorse for having lost, Once again, the battle against weight loss.

So today I will suggest some foods that can be of great use to feel satisfied despite being on a diet.

The food that has more or less satiating power is due to the presence of proteins, water and fiber in its composition, as these slow gastric emptying and the person has the feeling of fullness for longer.

Food whose composition is no more water content such as fruits, vegetables, vegetable soups and stocks give us the feeling of “a full stomach”, because swell the stomach and also are low calorie foods.

Fiber is a great partner because, although it is not digested, needs water to be removed, creating a “sponge effect” and providing volume to waste subsequently removed. Therefore, should choose whole foods.

As if that were not enough, in addition to its satiating properties, a diet rich in fiber is helpful in preventing cancer diseases at digestive level. Above all, it helps prevent colon cancer.

Now I leave a list of some of the most satisfying food:

Fruits: Watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, cherries and melons due to its high water content, are ideal foods to your daily diet. The banana is a great resource for you to stay satiated. If you add a glass of skim milk and you get a smoothie, you will achieve a good combination of nutrients that will not be so pending the next meal. It is a fruit of great nutritional value and provides a substance called tryptophan, which acts on the nervous system and reduces anxiety. Apples or pears satisfying play an important feeling.

Vegetables: among vegetables, stand out especially tomatoes, zucchini, artichokes, carrots, soybean, cucumber, lettuce or cabbage.

Lean meats: They are rich in protein and have a significant satiating power. Red meats are more satisfying than white, and whole cuts rather than minced meat.

Grains such as oats, rye … etc.

Mushrooms: rich in fiber, which gives them satiating virtues. It is best to prepare steamed or grilled with a little oil.

Eggs : they are rich in protein, although concentrated almost entirely in the clear. The yolk is rich in fat.

Milk : skimmed milk and yogurt, lean or fresh cheeses (Burgos kind) are an excellent option to enter into the diet.

I hope the next time you start a diet, can beat the hungry!!

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