Tips for losing weight and toning exercises at home

Tips for losing weight and toning exercises at home

Give it a new shape to your body with simple exercises. All you need is perseverance.

Stylize the figure and have abs of steel, it is the dream of every girl and this is essentially achieved by maintaining a healthy diet and doing some type of exercises that burn fat and shape allows the muscles to make you look so slim and beautiful. One way is to attend yoga, tai-chi or pilates, disciplines that combine flexibility, strength and endurance, that when practicing regularly you will create a stylized form.

Running and cycling. By burning calories stylize your figure will be achieved, especially if you are interested in making thinner waist and your hip. If you’ve never practiced or stopped doing, something very important is that you start slowly. Walk 30 minutes a day for two weeks and then start jogging or bike to lightly and gradually sees increasing speed and time.

Tips for losing weight and toning exercises at home

And abdominal side. If you want is to give more shape to your belly nothing like the abdominals. Lying on the floor, bend your legs, put your hands behind your head, lift your torso and try to touch your right elbow right knee alternating sides. Do two sets of ten to start, but increases when you feel it’s already very easy. Waist, stand right leg opens slightly, taking a weight of 1 kilo in each hand, make lateral moves as if weights were to touch your feet.

Rudeness. They are excellent for reducing fat in the hips and buttocks, as well as to strengthen your legs. Keep your back straight and gives a large step forward, bend your front leg to 90 degrees maximum, so the back knee approaches the floor as if to touch it. Weightless test first and then add a little in the arms, not to exceed two kilos in each hand. Do 2 reps of 10 and sees increased until May.

Butterflies. Your arms can also be styled, can take a weight of a kilo or two filled water bottles. With your feet to shoulder height and your back straight, lift your arms at your sides, should be straight and reach shoulder height, then up above your head, back down to the height of your shoulders. Return to the original position and repeat 10 times with palms facing the ceiling, 10 with palms facing the front and 10 with palms facing the floor.

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