Train yourself while dancing

Train yourself while dancing

We all know that exercise is an important part of health care: the pulsations turn makes us feel that the blood flows through our veins, we feel more alive and full. It is shown that to sustain physical activity and enjoy all its benefits, it must transform from “something we must do” to “something we want to do.”

There are many people who find it tedious exercise. Starting with a medical indication typical fitness activity and a few days are losing motivation. One solution to this is to find something we like to do such as dancing.

Dancing is carried away by music and move at their own pace.

Nothing more, nothing less. Dancing is not technical, perfect, accurate, is let the music awakens an emotion. Dancing is emotion first, then motion. Besides dance is aerobic work to help you burn calories!

Train yourself while dancing

Dancing for exercise can program music for 30 minutes without leaving your house moving to the beat. If you include turns and jumps they help burn a lot of energy. If you dare to make choreographer can include some steps to stay focused coordination will make the activity more bearable. You can finish your dance session with stretching exercises on the floor to make more complete the activity.

If improvisation is not your thing and you need a guide, you can use any video game console.

There are many gyms offering activities such as “Body Jam” that combines various musical rhythms, breaking dancing and entertaining session with a large expenditure of calories. You can choose any kind of dance of your interest whether salsa, Latin rhythms, flamenco, rock and roll or more call your attention.

This way you will be covering the need to exercise while you stimulate your endorphins. By exercising doing some kind of dance we are multiplying the benefits of both disciplines and releasing twice this hormone called by scientists “happiness hormone”.

These natural chemicals produced a strong analgesia, stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain creating favorable situations. There are several ways to stimulate the production of endorphins, the truth is that a greater flow of these hormones when we do pleasurable activities on the body, which causes a change in our attitude and our mood improved considerably.

So do not feel guilty for not lifting weights, jogging or lift 100 times the leg in a gym class located. As a replacement, you can choose any of these options.. or just grooving to your favorite music in your living room!

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