Water yoga center

Water yoga center

The interest men and women to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit is constantly growing.


Within the industry of wellness, yoga centers have been positioned as one of the business segments with higher growth projections.

This is due to the growing interest of women and men to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit. In addition, this native of India, discipline promises a harmonious physical and mental state resulting in that state of being pursued, particularly the inhabitants of large cities; most of them, subjected to significant levels of stress or simply seeking a connection of body and spirit.

And the figures confirm this: in Mexico ecosystem is composed of 450 schools and 600 micro establishments, located in residential areas, almost always operate outside the law. Most of these centers are located in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cancun and tourist cities.

More than 300 are discharged to the Mexican Federation of Yoga (or are being). In each school there are an average of 200 students and the micro around 80. This brings together over 140,000 yoga practitioners nationwide: 90,000 schoolchildren formed professionally and 50,000 calls micro schools.


Compared with other countries, Mexico is still far from the United States, where more than 15 million adherents to yoga-, although statistics about countries like Spain, which is around 100,000.

This opens the opportunity to engage in a growing market. The key?
Again the answer is called “innovation.”

So this business model is a yoga center under water. That is, part of the same principles as traditional yoga, but with the added value offered by the practice of any physical activity in an aquatic environment.

To start, you need to integrate a group of professionals trained and certified instructors, as this will be your main letter in front of your customers. The next step is to set up a website and start activities on social networks (especially illustrative YouTube videos of your services) to let you know.

As for the target audience, there are two alternatives: to make strategic alliances with social clubs or gyms have a pool to become your supplier specialized in this discipline; or you can also go to the homes of people who have home pools or condominium or building where they live. Caution: do not forget to offer packages for groups (up to 10 students).

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