What is the best exercise to burn fat?

What is the best exercise to burn fat

It is clear that all forms of aerobic physical activity consume fat, but certainly among them, the best way to burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness simultaneously, is the high intensity training or interval training intervals.

What is interval training?

It is set intervals to make 80-90% of maximum heart rate (MHR), trying not to maintain an intensity plateau. That is going down, and up intensity.

During the intervals have to be increasing the intensity until reaching 80-90% of MHR. Once reached this point, you keep about 15 seconds to 3 minutes, followed by a recovery phase of 30 seconds to 3 minutes, where you lower your heart rate to 30%, hold for those minutes recovery 60 % FCM.

How much fat burning this type of exercise?

Such exercises are really effective. Approximately burn 50% more fat than conventional or low-intensity exercises.

What types of exercises you can apply this training method?

Interval training can be applied to various exercises; cycling, running, fitness (spinning, step aerobics, body combat … etc.).

Now you know, if you want to burn fat effectively, nothing beats a good interval training. However, before doing something that could cause you injury, get advice. Bear in mind that these high intensity exercises require a good shape, otherwise may not be as benefits for your health.

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